Name: AVGVSTA (latin. fem. “great, magnificent”)
Make: BMW
Year: 1973
Model: R75/5 LWB
Displacement: 745cc
Transmission: 5 Gears, /7 transplant

Inspired by BMW’s Pre World War II racers.

Matching number frame & engine, complete engine top & bottom end overhual, complete clutch overhaul including a lightened flywheel, new wiring harness, rebuilt speedometer, Dyna III ignition system, rebuilt /7 transmission transplant (5 gears), rebuilt final drive with new driving dog in rear wheel, rebuilt forks, new exhaust system, Hoske mufflers, Hagon Classic III shocks, stainless steel battery covers, /5 Toaster tank with kneepad option, powder coated forks, wheels & hubs, stainless steel spokes, rebuilt speedometer, reproduction LWB bench seat, Motocili Veloci clip-ons, Albert shortened mirror, new paint and hand pinstriped.

Invited to The Celebration of The Motorcycle (Concours d’Elegance, Del Mar, California) and was the only /5 showcased alongside veteran restored Pre-War and Post War BMW classics; singles, /3, & /2.