PCH Bound

My daughter Ursula just had her fourth birthday party. It was a small party, I hired a actress to dress up and sing like Elsa The Snow Queen, it was totally worth it. After the party, the house felt empty again, Ursula developed a fever and went home with her mother. I just felt the urge to go... and go fast.

I took the R90S out on a familiar path, down to Pacific Coast Highway via Brookhurst St. in Huntington Beach and rode up the pedestrian pathway close to the sandy shore. Enjoyed the sunset for a few minutes and I took off towards Fashion Island, Newport Beach. Splitting lanes and shaking my head at douche-bags with their Maserati's and Porsche's as they rev their engine as if I was really going to race those numb-skulls. Made a left on MacArthur towards the 73 fwy and the engine smoothed out to the point I thought the engine might have died. It was good to get whatever it was out of my system.