Tear Down

My neighbors were kind enough to watch Ursula while she played action figures with their son. This gave me about an hour to tear down the eyesores that came with the 1959 BMW R60.

A few years ago, I decided to purchase a pair of reproduction Hoske clip-ons, saving it for the day when I get my hands on a /2. There were times when I considered selling the clip-ons, telling myself I'll probably stick with Airheads forever, nothing is forever, so I'm glad I didn't sell it. The Hoske's completely changes the aesthetics of the /2, I'm beginning to like the small tank accented with these clip-ons.

The night I brought the R60 home, after putting Ursula to sleep, I started taking off that big fairing, I'm not sure if its a Wixom or Flanders fairing, but it'll be used as wall-art in my studio. I then removed the leather bags... The task took about an hour, that's because the previous owner used SAE bolt sizes, mixed an matched all over, and it drove me insane for the full hour.

This afternoon I removed the solo Harley Seat and again it was a challenge due to the mix & matched SAE bolts used. The rear fender had to be removed to get the seat off. A beat up Scorsch Meier dual seat came with the purchase, I mocked it up and didn't like the proportion to the smaller tank. I think with the smaller tank, the single Pagusa/Denfeld streamlines better with the look I want. The only thing salvageable from the dual seat are the mounting hardwares.

I'm still thinking about what I should do with the bike. After cleaning off the filth and grime on a small section of the gearbox case, a nice patina revealed itself. First thing is to get this R60 started, then take the top-end apart, take the engine/gearbox out, and powder-coat the frame... I don't know what color yet.